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Nautical and Motorhomes

We deliver thousands of products suitable for reliable supply of electricity on boats, in particular:
- Photovoltaic Solar Panels  (12V 24V and others)
- Wind Turbines
- Battery Banks (12V 24V and 48V)
- Inverters
- Inverters-Chargers
- Solar charge regulators
- Monitoring systems
We are prepared to support the dimensioning of new systems and also to resolve faults or improve existing systems.
We represent the following brands:

Increasingly, people chose a motorhome for their outdoor vacations with added comfort, economy and convenience, but most of all for the flexibility and autonomy that comes with it.

For the electrical supply outside an official camping site with grid access, a motorhome always needs to have the batteries charged or to keep the engine running. This means increased fuel consumption and is also quite inconvenient when you finally made it to your dream spot but your engine is running for hours just to keep your fridge running!

Installing (or upgrading) a photovoltaic system on your motorhome gives you the autonomy to spend more time out there without diesel fumes because it charges the batteries that serve your essential electrical appliances directly from the sun.

Dedicated Services

Installing New Systems
We check your motorhome and analyse your electricity consumption patterns in order to calculate, design and install a custom made solar photovoltaic system fully adjusted to your needs.  

System Checkup
We do a full system checkup to your existing solar installation to troubleshoot any problems and look for possible solutions for upgrading your system´s performance and lifespan.

Installing a Battery-Balancer
This device is used in systems with 24V or more. Installing a battery-balancer in your photovoltaic system ensures that the batteries state of charge is always equalized. When the charge voltage of a 24 V battery system increases to more than 27 V, the Battery Balancer will turn on and compare the voltage over the two series connected batteries. The Battery Balancer will draw a current of up to 1 A from the battery (or parallel connected batteries) with the highest voltage. The resulting charge current differential will ensure that all batteries will converge to the same state of charge. The result is an extended lifetime and more power from your batteries!

Maintenance & Monitoring


In order for our clients to take the most advantage of their PV solar systems, while contributing for the efficiency and longevity of the equipment, DC-PV offers a complete maintenance service consisting in regular monitoring of the system performance and an annual supervision visit to attest the current health of the components.

Our maintenance visits involve an exhaustive check of the several components of the system, which include the solar PV modules, the inverter, the structure, the monitoring system, the batteries (when applicable) and the electrical wiring. We also conduct tests on the electric current and voltage of the components, and we verify the AC/DC security elements, in order to ensure a better performance and longevity of the system.

REAL-TIME REMOTE MONITORING  Click here to view LIVE FEED of our photovoltaic installations.
DC-PV regularly monitors from its office the functioning of the PV systems of its clients, enabling a timely detection of eventual errors occurring in the system. The client himself has online and real-time access - via PC, tablet or smartphone – to the most relevant system data (energy production and consumption, among others), and is able to check historical records. The analysis of this data enables an optimization of the energy consumption, always aiming to decrease the monthly electricity bill of its clients.

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Ask our sales team for a personalized quote and economical simulation. We will take into account the exact site conditions where your company is working or where the house is located. We also supply the expected amortization period for your solar investment.