Residential Self-Consumption

Residential Self-Consumption

What is self consumption?
Self consumption consists in using solar photovoltaic system to produce electricity for your own consumption. Final costumers or companies can install systems with solar photovoltaic panels that produce their own electricity reducing the energy costs. A well dimensioned system is able to cover a large fraction of constant electricity needs (refrigerators, freezers, alarm systems, water heaters, devices on standby mode) and use the public grid for the remaining electricity demand.

Residential Self-Consumption

Most houses meet the conditions for the installation of their own solar photovoltaic system that will generate electricity for instantaneous self-consumption without feeding it to the public electrical grid.

Self-consumption systems allow important electricity savings and ensure electricity cost stability for the future. The natural self-consumption rate for a residence is approximately 20% for a one-person household and 40% for a five-person household (estimation with a 5kW system).

Swimming Pools
Solar water pumps for pools provide independence from the public electrical grid and a fast amortization period when compared with conventional water pumps.

It is possible to save immensely on pool maintenance costs by installing a solar water pump for water circulation. This guarantees that the water is in proper condition for being used all year round, without utilizing chemicals and while drastically reducing the electricity costs.

Ask for a personalized quote/economical simulation

Ask our sales team for a personalized quote and economical simulation. We will take into account the exact site conditions where your company is working or where the house is located. We also supply the expected amortization period for your solar investment.