Industrial Self-Consumption

Industrial Self-Consumption

What is self consumption?
Self consumption consists in using solar photovoltaic system to produce electricity for your own consumption. Final costumers or companies can install systems with solar photovoltaic panels that produce their own electricity reducing the energy costs. A well dimensioned system is able to cover a large fraction of constant electricity needs (refrigerators, freezers, alarm systems, water heaters, devices on standby mode) and use the public grid for the remaining electricity demand. 

Industrial Self-Consumption
Companies and industry can significantly reduce their energy consumption through the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, designed for the self-consumption of electricity. In Portugal, it is more affordable to produce and instantly consume your own electricity through a PV system than buying it from the utility company.

Producing PV energy for instantaneous self-consumption allows you to reduce your electricity bill up to 80% during a 25-year period and ensures a fixed price of around 0.4-0.7 Euro cents per KWh.
Instantaneous consumption is ideal for buildings that generally have higher electric consumption during the solar hours.

Ask for a personalized quote/economical simulation

Ask our sales team for a personalized quote and economical simulation. We will take into account the exact site conditions where your company is working or where the house is located. We also supply the expected amortization period for your solar investment.